a)Page Directive
-This tag is always given above tag.
-Controls resultant translated page.
-No output.
<%@ page attribute="value" attribute="value" %>

Attribute of page directive.i) language
-By default java is used.
<%@ page language="Java" %>


-It is used for future consideration, where JSP might support language other than java.
ii) import 
-import package required by this JSP page.
-This is the only attribute which can be repeated more than once.
<%@ page language="Java" import="java.util.*" import="java.sql.*" %>
<%@ page language="Java" import="java.util.*, java.sql.*" %>

iii) buffer-JSP does not uses PrintWriter, but uses JSPWriter.
-Buffer can be "none","8 kb","12 kb" as per requirement.
<%@page buffer="15 kb" %>

iv) autoflush-Defines whether the buffered output is flushed automatically.
-Default value is true.
-If false is passed, an IOException is generated.
<%@ page autoflush="true" %>

v)isErrorPage -Defines whether current page represent JSP error page.
-Default value is "false",but if it's change to true,page has access to implicit exception object.
<%@ page isErrorPage="true" %>

vi) errorPage-Defines the URL to which Exception should be sent.
-The target JSP's isErrorPage value should be true.
<%@ page errorPage="MyExceptionPage.jsp" %>

vii) session-Defines whether page will have implicit session object.
-Default value is "true".
<%@ page session="true" %>
equivalent to getSession(true);
<%@ page session="false" %>
equivalent to getSession(false);

viii) isThreadSafe-Defines whether the generated servlet need to implement the SingleThreadModel.
-Default value is "true".


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